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The old Journey Planner at will be closed on 30 November 2017.
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In the route search, you can enter an address, location or stop number. Please enter at least three letters of the search word. The stop number must be entered in full. You can select the place of departure or destination also using the map and menu links to the right of the search field. A search word, e.g. “koivu”, may return several hits. If the suggested address is not the one you are looking for, the other options can be found via the link shown under the search box.
Time minutes (spent at via point)
You can set a via point in which case the Journey Planner will first calculate the journey from the place of departure to the via point and then to the final destination. Give the time spent at the via point as minutes.
The calendar shows only those days for which timetables are available.
Previous searches are saved in the browser cookies and are shown in this list. You can delete or save the routes you have searched using the links at the end of the list. The saved routes are stored in your My Journey Planner user account.
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Timetable search
In the timetable search, you can enter a route number, stop number, stop name or place name.
Disruption info
Disruption info provides information about disruptions that significantly affect public transport. You can subscribe to receive disruption alerts to your email using the link provided in the service.
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Public transport over the Midsummer weekend

On Midsummer Eve, Friday 24 June, a Saturday service will operate. On Midsummer Day, Saturday 25 June, a Sunday service will operate from late morning. More information